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A 14/10mm turquoise cabochon is made into a lovely filigree ring. See below for instructions.


 This oxidized french lace filigree is actually "sewn" on using 22g vintage brass wire. The setting and the stone is 30/22mm oval. 


Create custom size filigree bezels for cameos, cabochons (flat back stones) and rhinestones (pointed back stones) of almost any shape or size in just minutes. 

Not just for making bezels, lace filigrees can also be used for decorative accents, made into tube beads and used as connectors.


Filigree wrapping stones, old keys, or other components adds a whole new dimension to your designs.

Whether you are creating a custom filigree bezel, adding a decorative accent to a pendant (pictured at left), making unique connetor tube beads (at right) or creating a large collage necklace (above right), filigree wrapping adds that extra special touch.


Connectors are made easy, just filigree wrap your stone then glue it onto a larger filigree with E6000 glue. Alternatively, you can "sew" (or wire wrap) your stone on with wire.


An old key is filigree wrapped in a hand oxidized vintage french lace filigree. My french lace filigrees are available in several different styles and finishes including raw brass.. 


Super easy tube beads! Just wrap them tightly around a screwdriver or any sturdy round object.


How To Make Custom Filigree Bezels 


In the example photo at the right, a small lace filigree is being used with an oddly shaped stone, as oddly shaped stones are the most difficult to wrap .

Place your stone into the center of the filigree and draw basic imaginary straight lines around the shape of the stone (you can also use a piece of chalk and actually draw the lines). Position your needlenose pliers along the edge of one of the imaginary straight lines and bend the side up. Complete the piece by bending all the sides up. 




My oxidized brass lace filigrees are available in 3 sizes to accomodate almost any size/shape stone from 10mm up to 35mm!


How To Make Custom Filigree Bezels 


After you have bent the filigree sides up, insert the stone into the filigree and while holding the stone in place with your thumb and index finger (or middle finger...whatever is most comfortable), gently push the filigree edges down and around the stone.

Note: If desired, you can glue your stone into the filigree (after you have bent the sides up but before pushing the edges down) to provide a little more security. We recommend e6000 or 527 glue. For even greater security, you can set the stone in a 4 prong or bezel stone setting before wrapping.



Makes custom size bezels 

For Stones 10mm To 18mm Length

Size/Inches: L= 1 1/8 W= 7/8


Wrapped stones show use with various size and shape stones. Notice how the ends can be folded in or left out to create settings with 1 or 2 loops or without loops.
To wrap faceted stones, first set the stone in a basic pronged setting as illustrated in the pendant and earrings below.

These Findings Are Glued Together To Create The Pendant Shown At The Right



Makes custom size bezels 

For Stones 18mm To 28mm Length

Size/Inches: L= 1 1/2 W= 1 1/8

Stone Measuring Tip!

25mm (milimeters) = Approx 1 Inch

The Focal Rhinestone Is First Set In A Basic Pronged Setting Before Being Filigree Wrapped

The four components at left are just glued together with E6000 glue to complete the pendant design. Note how I filigree wrapped the rhinestone leaving the loops out so I could add a small dangle at the bottom.



Makes custom size bezels 

For Stones 25mm To 35mm Length

Size/Inches: L= 1 3/4 W= 1 1/2

Earrings Are Made Using The Findings Shown At Right In Photo


For the best results, faceted stones should be set in a basic pronged setting for rhinestones before being filigree wrapped. Quik Tip: In the earring example above, we could have used a 1 loop rhinestone setting turned upside down so a dangle could have been added to the bottom of the stone.

A Filigree Wrapped Turquoise Ring

A 14/10mm Turquoise cabochon (flat back) stone in a filigree wrapped bezel (using a small lace filigree) is made into a filigree ring.


 The filigree ring shank (shown at bottom right of photo) is made by bending a bow shape filigree around a ring mandrel or any sturdy round object. 

"Sew" the filigree wrapped turquoise stone onto a larger (background) filigree with wire.

Then "sew" (or wire wrap) it onto the ring shank through the openings in the filigrees.

Note: You can also use E6000 glue to glue the top onto the ring shank but be sure to add a brass disc underneath to cover the glue and add extra stability to the top. 


The same bow filigree used to make the ring shank (see below left) is used to create a unique setting for a top drilled chandelier prism.

Just "sew" (or wire wrap) it on by going back and forth through the hole in the prism or use a head pin (see head of pin in photo).

 In this example, I used E6000 to glue on a bezel set 8/6 mm fire opal stone and added a chain by connecting it to the openings (at left and right) of the filigree at the top.

To finish the design, I lightly buffed it with xtra fine (#000) steel wool to bring out some of the brass highlights.


Vintage Keys Wrapped With Our Old French Lace Filigrees

Vintage Keys Wrapped With Our Old French Lace Filigrees



Create a faux antique copper finish by dabbing on Copper Plaid Craft Paint. Tutorial at my etsy shop.