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You can make stunning cuff bracelets in just minutes with E6000 glue! The hardest part is also the most fun... deciding what pieces to use :)

In this section you will also learn how the parts we use to make this bracelet could also be used to make an easy pin (brooche) or necklace! 




With E6000 Glue Or 22g Wire!





Visit our shop for our rare vintage filigree cuffs shown and illustrated above and at center. No glue is needed! Just "sew" pieces onto the cuff bracelet through the openings in the filigree using 22g wire!

These Old & New Findings Are Used To Create The Bracelet Shown At Right

 How To Assemble Pieces



It's So Easy To Make Stunning Brooches, Bracelets, Pendants And Earrings With E6000 Glue.

When Gluing Small Parts, Squeese A Dab Of Glue Onto A Piece Of Waxed Paper And Use A Toothpick To Pick Up The Amount Of Glue To Place On A Piece.

When Gluing On A Pin Back (For Making Brooches), Be Sure To Use Enough Glue So It Seeps Over The Edge. You Can Cover The Glue On The Pinback By Placing A Small Filigree Or Even A Piece Of Leather Over It .

Be Sure To Go To The Bottom Of This Page To See More Photos Of Bracelet Designs That Use A Combination Of Brass, Copper And Silver :)


1. Select the filigree you are going to use as your centerpiece backing. If you are making a bracelet, you will first bend your filigree so it has the same curve as the bracelet.

2. Set all the stones you are going to be using to create your centerpiece design. In this example, a 25X18 Black Diamond facted stone is being used. It is set in the pronged setting so no glue is needed. The two, 10X8 flatback Amethyst stones are set by gluing them into the 10X8 bezel settings.

3. Glue your stones onto the filigree and then glue on any other ornate stampings you have selected. In this example, two small stampings are glued to the top and bottom of the filigree.

4. Let the completed filigree centerpiece dry for 24 hours to be sure all the pieces are secure, then spray with a clear matte/satin lacquer if desired :)

Note: Before spraying, "mask" your stones with masking tape to protect them from being sprayed.

5. Glue your centerpiece onto a bracelet or glue on a pin back if you are making a brooche.


The Cuff Bracelet Is Topped With A Vintage 25x18 Czech Glass Black Diamond Rhinestone And Surrounded By Two 10x8 Swarovski Crystal Amethyst Cabochons 
Just Think Of The Different Designs You Can Make By Just Using Different Filigrees And Stones!

The filigree and/or the stones in this piece could have been turned lengthwise instead of vertical. You can also dangle beads, chain or charms from the openings along the edges of the filigree, as well as add additional, smaller stones for variety.

A Victorian Brooch Made Of Oxidized Brass And Vintage Czech Rhinestones And Beads 

This is a brooche (pin) variation. In this example you can see how chain and beads are attached to the filigree edges. This could have also been a necklace (instead of gluing on a "pin back", a neckchain could have been attached to the filigree openings

  This Cuff Bracelet Features Our Exclusive OLD Filigree Cuff Bracelet Topped With A Hand Oxidized Dragonfly 

 This bracelet is made so easily by just wire wrapping (sewing) the dragonfly onto the openings in the filigree cuff, then attaching charms with jump rings. There are just a million and one designs you can create with these vintage filigree cuffs!

These Findings Are Used To Make The Bracelet Shown At The Right

Our Old Filigree Cuffs And These Findings Are Available At Our Ebay Or Etsy Shop

Example Of Various Cuff Bracelet Designs

Examples of cuff bracelets combining oxidized brass, antique copper and raw (yellow) brass.


This bracelet is made in a snap! The mother of peart disc was wrapped with the large filigree, and the rhinestone was wrapped with a small lace filigree. The pieces are then just glued (or wire wrapped...sewn) onto the cuff bracelet! Any exposed glue on the back of the cuff can be covered with a small filigree, brass disc, or even a piece of leather.

Bracelets & Brooches Are So Fun & Easy To Make!

Get Some Filigrees & Stones That You Like And Just Glue It (or wire wrap it)!!


I hand polished this bracelet and used E6000 glue to add on an oxidized brass butterfly that I buffed lightly with xfine (#000) steel wool. Note: I also added a brass disk (glue cover) on the back of the bracelet to cover the glue and add extra stability to the butterfly. 


This Cuff Bracelet Is Made From Old And New, Hand Oxidized Brass Topped With A Filigree Wrapped Mother Of  Pearl Disc And A Filigree Wrapped Vintage Czech Glass Green Tourmaline Rhinestone

Top Our Old Filigree Cuffs With Just About Anything To Create Gorgeous Bracelets

Examples Of Various Cuff Bracelet Designs

Examples of cuff bracelets combining oxidized brass, antique copper, antique silver and raw (yellow) brass.