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Our rare old connectors have hand-soldered bezels for cameos and cabochons or hand-soldered pronged cups for faceted stones. They are all calibrated for stone size 10X8 oval. We have many stones available at our online shop to accomadate almost any design.
These settings will occomodate any 10X8 calibrated stone including Swarovski Crystal, Czech, Japanese Or German made stones.

Old Vintage Brass Connector Settings With Hand Soldered Pronged Settings. Shown With Vintage Ruby Glass 10x8 Rhinestones.


Our old connector stone settings will add a professional touch to any design. These rare old connectors are from the 1940's era.
There are several different designs as shown in the illustrations below. We also have a small quantity of them available in custom plated finishes including sterling silver, antiqued silver, antiqued gold, and oxidized copper.





By selecting birthstones for each child, you can create lovely one-of-a-kind mothers day jewelry! Another interesting idea...the victorians used names of stones to spell out words or initials in jewelry. Example: Connect together turquoise (T), amethyst (A) and jet (J). To make the initials TAJ (Tammy Agatha Jones).

A Victorian Design Bracelet Using Our Old Brass Jeweled Connectors, Hand Oxidized 4 Ring Connectors And Hand Oxidized Vintage Chain. The Cabochons Are 10x8 Vintage Swarovski Crystal Amethyst.

Victorian Bracelet

Just 3 jeweled connectors were used to create this lovely victorian brass with vintage swarovski crystal amethyst bracelet.

These Findings Are Used To Create The Set Shown At Right And Below

These findings were used to create the necklace and earring set shown at right. These connectors (shown above with a vintage fire opal stone), have very unique fleur de lis prongs. These are closed back settings with patterned/texturized backs.

You can get stunning results with just a few connectors. Earrings are so easy to make! Just attach an earwire and dangle a bead at the bottom. Bracelets are made in a snap by just connecting them together with a jumpring and adding a clasp.

You can use these in very simple or very ornate work. These are beautiful with victorian style work but can also lend themselves to all styles of work from gothic to renaissance, from victorian to art nouveau, and from art deco to contemporary design including southwest, bali, ethnic and tribal.

We have acquired several different styles of these lovely old brass connectors  and have many different vintage rhinestones and cabochon stones in gemstone colors that fit these settings. 

Some of them we have custom plated in antiqued copper, antiqued silver, sterling silver and antiqued gold and, a

s you may have noticed, some of them are for flatback stones (cabochons and cameos) and some are for faceted stones.


All are available at our shop with or without stones included.

First The Filigree Is Glued To The Leaf To Create A Top Loop

This Set Features Our Old Connector Settings We Have Custom Plated In Antique Gold. The Stones Are 10x8 Topaz Vintage Swarovski Crystals.

Add chain to create dramatic collar necklaces

Matching earrings are made in a snap! Just attach an earwire and a dangle at the bottom.

This pronged, open back style has hand soldered bezels and will fit faceted or flatback stones or cameos measuring 10X8mm oval.

We also have a fabulous assortment of old swarovski crystal and czech glass stones that fit these lovely old settings.

The Earrings Are Made By Just Putting The Filigree, Then The Leaf Onto The Earwire

Tip: We glued the filigree onto the leaf to create a loop at the top of the leaf. After the glue was dry, we just attached the jeweled connector to the top loop in the filigree with a large jumpring which also created the bail. 

These Are Just A Few Easy Ideas But Really There Are Just A Million And One Designs You Can Create With Our Collection Of Vintage Jeweled Connectors.


 Some styles also available in custom plated finishes.


A Larger Size Jumpring Is Placed Through The Hole In The Mother Of Pearl Disc. The Dragonfly And Chain Is Hung From This Same Jumpring.

Just 3 connectors were used to create this unique dragonfly and pink tourmaline with mother of pearl necklace and earring set.